Sillón dental | Aprenda a autoobservar su salud bucal

07 de febrero de 2022

Pay close attention to early signs of periodontal disease. If there is bleeding gums, tooth pain, and tooth pain from hot and cold stimulation, attention should be paid to it as soon as possible. Because of the symptoms of dental disease, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Self-examination: look, smell, ask, cut. Look, is to carefully observe your teeth, whether there are stains, uneven arrangement, tartar, cavities and other phenomena. Smell, feel if there is any odor in the mouth, and whether it has been there for a long time. Ask, often ask yourself if you have a toothache or a feeling of softness in your teeth. Cut and flick the teeth with your index finger and thumb to see if there is any looseness. Once abnormality is found, seek medical help immediately to ensure dental health.

The tongue also has a health code. A bright red tip of the tongue indicates possible thyroid or heart problems; a greenish-yellow tongue indicates a liver or gallbladder problem; a grayish-brown tongue is usually associated with digestive problems.

We provide sillón dentals, if you are interested in dental chairs, please contact us for more information.

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